Kids First Enterprise Organisation has developed a factory in Dong Ha Town, Quang Tri Province, one of the poorest provinces in Vietnam, to manufacture wheelchairs, Freedom Leg braces and other Mobility Products.

Of the profit, 100% is used to support programs developed to support sustainability of individuals and organizations and to promote social and economic development in the community.

The distribution of wheelchairs built and distributed by the Kids First Enterprise Factory focuses on providing wheelchairs to individuals who will, through the use of a wheelchair, provide sustainability for themselves and their families.

We would like to provide a wheelchair to every person in Vietnam who needs one and can’t afford to buy one, a huge task but attainable with the help from individuals like you and other organizations who provide wheelchairs for the poor and disabled.

The factory is providing jobs for the disadvantaged people from the local community, with a focus on employing people with disabilities.

The team at the Kids First Enterprise Factory have been able to train young men and women the skills necessary for them to be productive and contribute to the production requirement of the factory.

Being able to increase productive employment for people in a depressed area is having a significant effect on the living standards, education and future prospects for the families involved.

The Kids First Enterprise Factory is creating a strong domestic market for its wheelchair through direct distribution to poor and disabled individuals and the sale of wheelchairs to other NGO’s for distribution in Vietnam and other developing countries.

Kids First Enterprise is the exclusive manufacturer of mobility products for Freedom Leg International, a design and distribution company in the USA who sells mobility products into the International Market.


At Kids First Enterprise we have an over-riding policy to develop sustainable, efficient and worthwhile projects for our beneficiary communities.

Considered projects must have a potential for high sustainability and short to medium term potential for generating all the resources required for efficient and profitable on-going operations.

While KFE can offer initial management and additional financial support these are always given in the belief that the project will not need such support over a long period.

KFE train workers and management to a high skill level, put good financial and management systems in place, and ensure that proper programs are also adequately in place for such things as maintenance and future development.

In this way KFE are able to best provide sustainable and long term employment and income for the communities we support.

Thankyou for your generous support.