Socially Responsible Manufacturing

Kids First Enterprise is the manufacture of the Freedom Leg.

Kids First Enterprise is a social enterprise manufacturing company based in central Vietnam. They manufacture high quality products for local and international markets. The mission of Kids First Enterprise is to provide sustainability for the organization, individuals and local community of Quang Tri Provence.

By creating high quality jobs in a rural area they help maintain the family structure of the community. Individuals do not need to leave there families and move to an urban center to find work where they only have the ability to return to see their family once a year.

At least 20% of the employees have a physical disability. Part of Kids First Enterprise’s mission is to create the opportunity for those with a disability and demonstrate that they can still be a productive members of society. 100% of the profits go towards projects that support disabled and disadvantaged people.

At Kids First Enterprise we have an over-riding policy to develop sustainable, efficient and worthwhile projects for our beneficiary communities.

Considered projects must have a potential for high sustainability and short to medium term potential for generating all the resources required for efficient and profitable on-going operations.

While KFE can offer initial management and additional financial support these are always given in the belief that the project will not need such support over a long period.

KFE train workers and management to a high skill level, put good financial and management systems in place, and ensure that proper programs are also adequately in place for such things as maintainence and future development.

In this way KFE are able to best provide sustainable and long term employment and income for the communities we suppport.

Thankyou for your generous support.