Can I have zero weight on the injured leg?
Yes, if needed the Freedom Leg can be adjusted so there is partial weight to zero weight from the knee down. Your weight is transferred from your thigh through the side support beams to the ground leaving your foot floating above the ground.

Do I have to be athletic to be able to use it?
No, if you had reasonable strength and coordination before your injury you should be able to successfully use the Freedom Leg.

Will the straps cut off circulation in my leg?
We utilize the fact that the thigh is cone shaped, meaning the circumference of the thigh is smaller near the knee than near the hips. The brace will not slide up the thigh with only moderate tension on the straps and what pressure there is from the straps is evenly distributed around the entire surface of the thigh. Properly adjusted, you will have improved circulation in the injured leg because you will be using the muscles in the upper leg promoting blood flow throughout the leg.

Will it support my weight?
Even though the Freedom Leg weighs only 1.8 kg, it is built from light weight and durable materials and intended for customers up to 125 kg.

Renting the Freedom Leg Brace

Renting the Freedom Leg has been tried but is not the typical business model. One of the challenges with renting leg brace products is hygiene. Before they can be rented to the next person the device should be clean of any contaminants from the last user. It is more difficult with braces because they have so much contact with the human body. This is why leg braces in general are a purchase and not a rental item.