Who Can Use the Freedom Leg?

The simple answer is, ANYONE with ankle, foot, knee or femur injuries who need additional support but would still like to maintain their mobility and the use of their hands.

•  Osteotomies
•  Fusion of foot or ankle
•  Bunionectomy
•  Diabetic wound offloading
•  Post-op neuromas
•  Plantar wounds
•  Plantar ulceration
•  Transmetatarsal amputation
•  Fractures of the foot and ankle
•  Achilles ruptures
•  Midshaft tibial fractures
•  Proximial tibial fractures
•  Micro-fracture surgery
•  Patellar fractures
•  Meniscus repair
•  Femoral condylar fracture

..and the list goes on and on!  
Ask your physician about the Freedom Leg today!