Device Uses

Freedom Leg Brace can provide a non-surgical treatment option for partial Achilles Tendon Rupture

In many cases it is possible to treat a partial Achilles Tendon Rupture with a more conservative approach that does not require surgery. This typically 2means 8+ weeks of non-weight bearing on the affected leg. It can be very difficult to comply with this prescription if you are using crutches. Many people are unable to consistently use crutches for such an extended period of time because of the inconvenience and pain to the back and upper body associated with continuous use. They begin to put the injured foot on the ground which can aggravate the injury so it will not heal. The result is they may then require surgery and another long non-weight bearing period.

A better solution is to use the Freedom Leg Brace  to allow the Achilles Tendon to heal. Once you put on the brace you know you are non-weight bearing 100% of the time. You still have the use of your hands and there is no strain on the back or upper body. The Freedom Leg brace easily integrates into your daily routine making it much easier to comply with the doctor.

The Freedom Leg Brace can be effective alternative to crutches if you have an Achilles Tendon rupture. With the Freedom Leg you walk with zero weight on the injured leg and have your hands-free providing an effective alternative.

Freedom Leg in Garage

The non-weight bearing time to recover from an Achilles tear can be from 6-12 weeks. This is a large disruption to your life if you are on crutches.  Another great benefit is that the upper leg muscles will maintain their strength and will not have the atrophy normally associated with long periods of crutch usage.



We have had  many doctors who have personally used the Freedom Leg Brace. Without the need for crutches and their hands free they could stay on the job. We spoke with a few of them so they could review the device and talk about their experience.