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Dawn G

Freedom Leg - Dawn, Around The House

“I got my Freedom Leg today and I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!  Thank you for making such a wonderful and revolutionary product!  I could kiss you guys and want to say thanks for making my recovery easier.  I can’t wait to go shopping!!!! I wish I had some of your cards with me because I have a feeling I am going to get a lot of  people asking where I got this. It has been so exciting to walk around the house and have my hands free.  Yeah!!!  I cannot tell you how happy that makes me!!!”
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Brock B reviews Freedom Leg Brace

I just wanted to thank whomever designed the Freedom Leg brace. I received my brace yesterday from Dr Evan Brody in Kennesaw Georgia. As a 15 year veteran of the rehab equipment and seating and mobility industries, I have been waiting for just such a device. I am a t-level partial spinal cord injury from a MVA 25 years ago. During the 27 operations I had subsequently , I also developed type 2 diabetes. The two diagnosis have created a perfect storm where I suffer from chronic foot wounds caused by pressure and shear forces. I have had to resort to continually using a wheelchair to keep from getting these wounds or to heal a wound after I get them from ambulating too much. This brace has allowed me to return to work after a recent wound required an IND procedure. I was able to wash my truck this morning and look forward to the work day ahead. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DESIGNING THIS BRACE! Brock Beasley ATP, CRTS, CDSS.

Please share with Joel how much I appreciate this device. The Freedom Leg has allowed me to deliver a $30k wheelchair to an ALS client who would have had to wait a couple more weeks for delivery. The extra time she’ll have being independent at this stage of her disease process will definitely make a difference in the quality of her life during the short time she has left with her family. The ripple effects caused by the freedom and independence provided by a device like this is pretty awesome. Many thanks to you all!

Joey Mitchell, K Hits 92.1 DJ

“The Freedom Leg  Walking Brace allowed me to walk around without having to put any pressure or weight on my broken ankle whatsoever. I could even carry a cup of coffee or soda without spilling a drop. At first, it took some getting use to. So, until I had my balance just right, I used the brace while leaning on a cane or crutch. Once I had the balance right, I was off and walking to the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. The mobility without any weight bearing was remarkable and allowed me a great deal more ability to get things done on my own without having to rely on someone else for the mundane routines of everyday life.

Putting the brace on was easy too. It was just a matter of a few Velcro straps and minor adjustments and in a few minutes I was off and running. Well, not running but slowly walking to where ever I had to be.”

Mark P

I’ve worn my Freedom Brace four or five times since I received it. I love it, and I’m still singing its praises. I wore it to my Doctor/Surgeon’s Office Monday and showed it off to the staff and the three Doctors in the office. They were all very impressed. I passed along your contact information. Again, thanks for a great product.


Freedom Leg

I just wanted to let you know that you have made a huge difference in my life dealing with 90 days of no weight on my ankle.  Because of your invention I have been able to go to work each day upstairs and get through life as normal as possible with an injury like this.  My upper leg has remained strong because of the Freedom Leg so I am sure my physical therapy and rehab will go much quicker with only the lower leg to work on.

Jon B

“Thanks a ton!  I really appreciate your standing behind your product. I’d say 75% of my Freedom Leg use was in walking my dog 2-3 times a day for several hours per day. Another 20% was working at my fabrication shop, which involved mainly standing on wood floors while spraying low volumes of lacquers.  5% at home walking around my apt on hardwood floors. I’ll be sure to go on some message boards and my blog, to spread the positive word about the product and the customer service soon”

Nancy D

Freedom Leg Up & Down Stairs

Thanks so much, I wore the brace in to see my surgeon today for stitch removal and he is very impressed with the Freedom Leg Brace. He called in the top Physical Therapist as well as the tech that orders his orthopedic devices, and they were equally as impressed!!

Tony F

“My new Freedom Leg is working awesome! I think this bad boy is going to work just fine for the six weeks I have remaining off my ankle. I have been really rough on the Freedom Leg and it’s still holding up even in rough terrain on the construction site where I work.”

Todd M

“Awesome product and I’ll be showing it to my Doc on Thursday when I’m back from overseas.  I’ll spread the word! Thanks for all the help with the Freedom Leg.  I’m in Italy and it’s working great! What a huge help the brace has been!”

Ede C

Thank You!

The Freedom Leg made it possible for me to keep working. I am thrilled about how easy it is to get around our challenging environment and that I can do all my normal tasks.

The folks at Freedom Leg International are incredibly helpful and kind and the product is FANTASTIC.